Journeyman’s perspective

Is your patience wearing thin? Are you exhausted of envisioning your future alongside replaying mistakes from the past? Sorry to sound like I’m about to sell you something, but it infuriates me to remain stuck. If you don’t resonate with the first three sentences maybe you have it all figured out, and you live like a monk in Paraguay. (Are there monks in Paraguay?) For the rest of us, we must find the silver linings in our past to give us momentum for the future. What is delayed is not denied. Our story is still being written!

The most important ingredient in the realm of unknown is persistence. If you fail to persist, you will be dismissed as a statistic who failed to reach potential. Does that not scare the neapolitan ice cream out of you? Whatever pursuit you are on, it will take immense amount of sacrifice. The amount of sacrifice it requires will have close-minded people repulsed by it. A good example is the life of Ermias Asghedom, known better as Nipsey Hussle, who tragically died in March of 2019 senselessly by an envious gang member. Nipsey’s ambition was unmatched. His marathon mentality inspired all races throughout the world. If people are not coveting your contribution to the world, then you are not going hard enough. When you have an abundance of haters, you are doing something right. Nipsey said, “Seize the opportunity, believe and take control of it. Then get on your marathon and grind until it’s over.”

Hard to stay upright if you remain uptight

How much energy you exert and where you exert energy are pivotal factors. In today’s culture, people spend ample amount of time and energy enhancing their social media platforms. While doing so can be lucrative, it can also drain your willpower. You should already know that by now. You don’t? Then you must live in a cave in Paraguay. (No idea why Paraguay is my country of choice) Exerting unnecessary energy will cause maximum burnout and cause lackluster focus. Why exert energy in keeping up with people who vaguely know of your existence? Why go through ranges of emotion for validation? We are all guilty of spending too much time scrolling, observing and creeping. Kudos to those who can stay mindful throughout all the madness plastered on the screens. Ernest Holmes said, “Where the mind goes energy flows.” Protect your energy at all cost.

You know what everyone has in common? When pursuing a new venture or passion, everyone feels like a fraud in the beginning. Everyone starts at square one. As I’m writing this article, I feel like one. Imposter syndrome or fraudulence complex is normal despite popular belief. This is where the power of persistence becomes valuable. Having doubt is normal. Having too much doubt is harmful. The anxiety of making a dream become reality will either propel you or pommel you. Continue to ask questions, be curious, and seek advice. An important variable in being persistent is patience. The answers won’t always come as swiftly as our pretty little minds demand.

Change is healthy

Even the most diligent people get anxiety by the thought of change. 2020 changed and rearranged our livelihood, but not all for the worst. For some, 2020 ignited a must needed spark. “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.” We must find ways to reinvent ourselves throughout this tumultuous time. Do not be afraid to try new things. You never know what you might enjoy or excel in.

A pivotal factor in improving our level of persistence is how engaged we are with our community and environment. Accountability is key. Since I’m an only child, it was difficult for me to seek accountability because I was accustomed to handling things solo dolo. But as I increase in age and maturity (that is debatable), I realized the value of mentors. Find a mentor who understands the path you are currently on and the path you were previously on. “Nobody understands me” is the most commonly used phrase when someone refuses to seek help. Accountability, availability, responsibility, and vulnerability are the four “abilities” we need in order to unlock the next level of growth. Follow the advice of Filipina phenom Saweetie when she voiced to the world, “ Tap. tap tap in.”

A question that altered my perspective is “Are you putting something out in the world that you will be proud to look back on later in life?” Hindsight is 20/20 so don’t be that guy that says, “Ahhh I shoulda have done this when I was younger.” Hopefully after reading this article, it will inspire you to keep going or to revisit a prior pursuit with vigor and supreme diligence.

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